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Sensitive Leather Lamination

Everything you always wanted to know about fusing…

PTFE coated fabrics, mesh fabrics and belts

Garment  manufacturing  cannot be imagined without fusing these days. Fusing could  therefore be  expected to have become a matured technology by now. Nevertheless,  it  has become an increasing issue lately:

Changes in the material, in  quality  expectations and textile care methods entail more and more unpleasant problems,  which are often realized after an entire batch of defective pieces has been  produced. What counts is to minimize the risk  in fusing – a real challenge.

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Why Fusing Tests?

Today’s fabric and interlining is very sensitive to heat and pressure. If the fusing machine is not in a good condition or fusing conditions are not according to the interlining specification, a lot of problems can be created.

Fusing was and still is a very delicate operation within the garment manufacturing process. If any problem arises, it has to be eliminated immediately, as problems easily can be multiplied.

The Test Set is made to assist you in checking your fusing machine and fusing goods by clear results. It was made for day to day use on the production floor in cooperation with most of the major interlining suppliers.

Testing boxes are avaliable on stock! Do not hesitate to ask for the offer!

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Range B 71°C – 110°C

This eight level label is our most popular irreversible temperature indicator label. It gives the largest possible area of adhesion and highly visible temperature cells. It provides a record of the maximum temperature reached, reacting according to the temperature of the surface to which it is applied.

These temperature indicator labels are especially useful for monitoring temperature in locations where the use of thermometers or electronic devices is not practical.

Adhesive backed label that reacts to increasing temperature with a permanent colour change. Five options available from 37ºC to 254ºC. Versatile, accurate & 100% reliable.


Size: 51mm x 18 mm (2″ x 0.7″)
Scale: °C and °F
Range: 37°C to 254°C on 5 Labels
Reaction Time: Max 4 sec.
Colour change: one way permanent
Type: Vertical Adhesive backed labels

Shelf Life: One year

  • up to 99°C +/- 1°C
  • 100°C to 154°C +/- 1.5°C
  • 160°C to 280°C +/-(1% + 1°C)